The Aquatic Science Center (ASC) supports U.S. EPA Region 9 in an effort to assess the effectiveness of the current regulatory mechanisms designed to protect water quality in the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta. This project will produce a synthesis of priority water quality issues in the Delta, based on public input on water quality stressors and approaches to better protect water quality for all beneficial uses. The synthesis will assess the status of priority water quality management issues by focusing on current issues affecting the most sensitive or priority beneficial uses (including fisheries and fish health) and describing how various identified and presumed stressors have been addressed, including areas of progress, current status, information gaps, major obstacles, causes of the remaining problems, ways to ameliorate them, and emerging issues that will need to be addressed. The synthesis will explore technical, institutional, and regulatory issues related to achieving long-term sustainability of beneficial uses. Project results will be presented in the 2012 edition of the Pulse of the Delta, which will be produced in cooperation with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board.

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