In 2008 the State Water Board resolved to improve wetlands protection around the state through a new policy:
RESOLUTION NO. 2008-0026 Development of a policy to protect wetlands and riparian areas in order to restore and maintain the water quality and beneficial uses of the waters of the state.

Why California Needs a New Policy
• No consistent statewide policy exists
• Water Boards are required to protect ALL “waters of the state”
• Federal protection extends only to “waters of the U.S.,” a shrinking category
• Wetlands developed as compensatory mitigation are losing functionality at an increasing rate

SFEI has been funded to assemble a team of Technical Advisors to provide technical oversight for the new Wetland and Riparian Area Protection Policy. The Technical Advisory Team (TAT) has been charged with recommending a wetland definition and standardized methods of wetland delineation, mapping, and classification that are applicable statewide.

A series of technical memos outlines the scientific underpinnings to support the policy
Technical Memorandum No. 1 – Role of the TAT – complete
Technical Memorandum No. 2 – Definition of wetlands – complete
Technical Memorandum No. 3 – Landscape Context – under review
Technical Memorandum No. 4 – Wetland Identification and Delineation – in progress
Technical Memorandum No. 5 – Wetland Classification – in progress
Technical Memorandum No. 6 – Watershed context - 2010
Technical Memorandum No. 7 – Monitoring and Assessment - 2010

TAT membership.pdf (43.32 KB)

Programs and Focus Areas: 
Resilient Landscapes Program
Location Information