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Cohen, A. N.; Weinstein, A. 2001. Zebra Mussel's Calcium Threshold and Implications for its Potential Distribution in North America. SFEI Contribution No. 356. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond CA.
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San Francisco Estuary Institute. 2002. 2000 Annual Results: San Francisco Estuary Regional Monitoring Program for Trace Substances. SFEI Contribution No. 238. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Oakland, CA.
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May, M.; SFEI. 2002. 2000 Pulse of the Estuary: Monitoring and Managing Contamination in the San Francisco Estuary. SFEI Contribution No. 88. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Oakland, CA.
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Hoenicke, R.; Tsai, P.; Bamford, H. A.; Baker, J.; Yee, D. 2002. Atmospheric Concentrations and Fluxes of Organic Compounds in the Northern San Francisco Estuary. Environmental Science and Technology 36 (22), 4741-4747 . SFEI Contribution No. 474.
Hoenicke, R.; Tucker, D.; Tsai, P.; Hansen, E.; Lee, K.; Yee, D. 2002. Atmospheric Deposition of Trace Metals in San Francisco Bay. SFEI Contribution No. 278. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond, CA.
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Collins, J. N.; Sutula, M.; Stein, E.; Jones, P. 2002. California Rapid Assessment Method for Wetlands v. 1.0. SFEI Contribution No. 246. San Francisco Estuary Institute. p 18.
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Kucera, T.; Breauz, A.; Zielinski, W. 2002. Data Collection Protocol Montioring River Otter (Lutra [=Lontra] canadensis). SFEI Contribution No. 241. CA State University Stanislaus, U.S Forest Service, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board: Oakland, CAStanislaus, CA. p 11.
Siegel, S.; Callaway, J. 2002. Data Collection Protocol Sedimentation- Erosion Tables (SET's). SFEI Contribution No. 244. University of San Francisco, Wetlands and Water Resources: San Francisco, CASan Rafael, CA.
Vasey, M.; Callaway, J.; Parker, T. V. 2002. Data Collection Protocol Tidal Wetland Vegetation. SFEI Contribution No. 279. San Francisco State: San Francisco, CA. p 13.
Johnston, D. 2002. Data Collection Protocol Yuma Bat (Myotis yumanensis). SFEI Contribution No. 259. H.T Harvey & Associates: San Jose, CA. p 7.
Flegal, A. R.; Squire, S.; Scelfo, G. H.; Revenaugh, J. 2002. Decadal trends of silver and lead contamination in San Francisco Bay surface waters. Environmental Science and Techology 36, 2379-2386 . SFEI Contribution No. 276.
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Cohen, A. N. 2002. Dispersal Ecology. Blackwell Publishing: Oxford.
Salop, P.; Gunther, A.; Bell, D.; Cotsifas, J.; Gold, J.; Ogle, S. 2002. Episodic Ambient Water Toxicity in the San Francisco Estuary. SFEI Contribution No. 51. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Oakland, CA.
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Stevens, D. 2002. Estimation of Means, Totals, and Distribution Functions from Probability Survey Data. SFEI Contribution No. 110. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Oakland, CA.
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Collins, J. N. 2002. Executive Summary 2002 (Wetlands Science Program). SFEI Contribution No. 250. San Francisco Estuary Institute. p 4.
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Collins, J. N. 2002. Executive Summary: SFEI Component of the Integrated Regional Wetlands Monitoring Pilot Project. SFEI Contribution No. 251. San Francisco Estuary Institute. p 2.
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Cohen, A. N. 2002. Exotic organisms in southern California Bays and Harbors. Marine Bioinvasions Conference . SFEI Contribution No. 481.
Connor, M. S.; Montagna, P. A.; Alber, M.; Doering, P. 2002. Freshwater inflow: Science, Policy, and Managment. Estuaries 25, 1243-1245 . SFEI Contribution No. 271.
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