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Journal Article (Peer-Reviewed)
Greenfield, B. K. 2004. Three mechanical shredders evaluated for controlling water hyacinth (California). Ecological Restoration 22, 300-301 . SFEI Contribution No. 463.
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Greenfield, B. K.; Hrabik, T. R.; Harvey, C. J.; Carpenter, S. R. 2000. Predicting mercury levels in fish: use of water chemistry, trophic ecology, and spatial traits. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 58, 1419 -1429 . SFEI Contribution No. 306.
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Greenfield, B. K.; Davis, J. A. 2004. A PAH Fate Model for San Francisco Bay. Chemosphere . SFEI Contribution No. 114.
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Greenfield, B. K.; Siemering, G.; David, N. 2005. Evaluating impacts of Lake Sweeper plant control. J. of Aquatic Plant Management . SFEI Contribution No. 461.
David, N.; Greenfield, B. K.; Siemering, G. S. 2006. Evaluating impacts of Lake Maid plant control. Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 44, 60-66.
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Melwani, A. R.; Greenfield, B. K.; Byron, E. R. 2009. Empirical estimation of biota exposure range for calculation of bioaccumulation parameters. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 5 . SFEI Contribution No. 573.
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