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Lowe, S.; Thompson, B.; Kellogg, M. 2000. Results of the Benthic Pilot Study 1994 - 1997, Part 1. SFEI Contribution No. 39. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond, CA.
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Lowe, S.; Hoenicke, R.; Davis, J. A. 1999. 1999 Quality Assurance Project Plan. SFEI Contribution No. 33. San Francisco Esturary Institute: Oakland.
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Lowe, S.; Thompson, B. 2004. Assessment of macrobenthos resonse to sediment contamination in the San Francisco Estuary, USA. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 23 . SFEI Contribution No. 60.
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Lowe, S.; Ross, J. R. M.; Thompson, B. 2003. CISNet San Pablo Bay Network of Environmental Stress Indicators; Benthic Microfauna. SFEI Contribution No. 299. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Oakland, CA.
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Lowe, S.; Robinson, A.; Frontiera, P.; Cayce, K.; Collins, J. N. 2014. Creating Landscape Profiles of Aquatic Resource Abundance, Diversity and Condition. SFEI Contribution No. 725. San Francisco Estuary Institute - Aquatic Science Center: Richmond, CA. p 21.
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Lowe, S.; Josh Collins; Pearce, S. 2013. Statistical Design, Analysis, and Graphics for the Guadalupe River Watershed Assessment 2012. SFEI Contribution No. 687. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond, CA.
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